Who We Are ?

KHNOG is Cambodia Network Operators Group. KH is representing to our ethnicity which is short form of KHMER.

Our Visions

To build a strong technology-based community for everyone in Cambodia in a long run with integrity, dignity and transparency.

Our Mission

KHNOG is for network operators having presence in Cambodia to exchange technical and operational knowledge, experience and information regarding Information Communication Technology and various subjects of technology happening in this digital era.

Our Platform

In addition to website, we are also using Facebook page and Telegram Discussion group to exchange technical and operational knowledge and information, and to distribute information about KHNOG activities and other activities relevant to KHNOG community.

Our Activities

Basically, we run event such as Conference and Workshop as a platform to share and exchange technical knowledge, experience and information for our community.

KHNOG Executive Committee

Our committee members come from various institution/section of ICT and ISP industry who willingly volunteer to run KHNOG Community and keep its sustainability as a part of strengthening our country growth in ICT field.

Lay Minh
Veng Kanha
Diep Kong
Ly Pok
Cheab Veasna